Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre

Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre is a brilliantly creative organisation masterminded by Dylan Quinn himself, set up to deliver workshops and new projects to the immediate surrounding community, and also on a regional, national, and international level. The awe inspiring ideas initiated and implemented by this team of professionals serve to broaden the mind, and capture the imagination in equal measure.

The business is proud of their role as a Community Interest Company/Social Enterprise Company, whose goals include the support of creative growth and development within the community, and facilitating social changes by promoting awareness and enjoyment of the Arts.

Their main passions include contemporary dance and physical theatre, however, performances can incorporate many different genres. They offer a range of kids and adult community dance classes and most notably Zumba®, which has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent times.

DQDT are always interested in speaking to people with a vested interest in the Arts, and hope to create high quality professional work alongside providing a platform for young enthusiasts seeking a career in this area.

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